Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIWW the inaguration (#1)

I've kept an eye on these fashionable ladies post their Wednesday threads for sometime now, always tossing around the idea of posting my Wednesday wear, but the uniform regulations and the long shifts have shot that idea down until recently.  My on-again off-again Wednesday schedule leaves me with no excuses than to look cute at least once a week.  Everything in me refused to drag out the big girl camera for pictures and I didn't feel compelled to ask the neighbor or train the dog to take a picture of me, so this little conglomeration is the best I can do for this first week. 

It's a super casual, super comfy, super breezy kind of Wednesday.  I think somewhere there are some rules about wearing white pants, right?  Either way, I bought these shorts on clearance at ON few years back - you know, it was in that "when I loose a few pounds" drawer.  Well, I lost a few lbs and I pulled these white shorts over my slightly slimmer booty to go along with my ON (of course) off the shoulder black breezy shirt.  I tell ya, this off the shoulder thing is pretty liberating and dare I say just damn sexy...I'm loving this trend that's taken over for the last couple of years. Plus, why have these girly flowery tattoos if they can't peek out and say hi to the world when the weather allows? It's an easy, breezy, Summer, backyard, BBQ kind of outfit and I love it. 
Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy 
Necklace: Mark. 
Shoes: Roxy

PS - I promise better pictures next time 

pleated poppy


  1. You're the bomb, my friend, seriously! I'd kill for those legs!!

  2. your pictures are perfect. they can't get any better. they don't need to.

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