Friday, October 16, 2009

Viva Las Vegas p. 1

Blogger, I've been thinking about you. I have all these thoughts and only you can keep them all recorded for me. This weekend, you are my notepad and I will try to update you every day. You and I have been apart far too long.

I'm laying here at 8:45pm with the A/C and fan blowing on me exploding with excitment and sticky all over with spray on self tanner. In my living room there is a small colony of shopping bags and an entire suitcase full of high heeled shoes. Yes, 1 suitcase full of shoes. I am Filipino, it happens. The phrase uttered most in my house today was "that's not a dress, that's a shirt" and visa versa. Along with the shoes, there is a tripod, 12 strands of long Hawaiian beads, and a gold glitter covered costume top hat decorated with poker chips and dice. Pray, do tell what you have in store... Oh the pictures will not lie. They can't. They simply won't.

Soon the packing will commence and in the morning, four girls will make their way to Sin City where the adventures will begin on the plane via re-redeemed drink coupons before the plane even reaches the NV state line. In the immortal words of the King himself:





  1. ...and we never heard from Karma again.

    have fun. like whoa, fun.

  2. Why didn't we use the free drink coupons????