Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

0301 hours: "911 Emergency:"
0301 hours: "27 year old female in labor"
0302 hours: "baby is born"
0303 hours: "mom is ok"
0304 hours: "full term baby boy"

In the midst of a felony hit and run, domestic violence victims being dragged into apartments, suspects at gunpoint, drunken arguments, out of control parties, not enough officers, code 3 runs, fire alarms, suspicous overdoses/dead bodies, and all manner of public safety emergencies, a baby was born in the IHOP parking lot, healthy, full term, and crying his little lungs out. As it would be, of all the passerbys to notice a young couple in the parking lot at 3am, a woman with labor and delivery experience delivered the baby and helped it breathe it's first breath.

Before I left I noticed these two calls sitting side by side:
01:53:22 DEADBODY
03:01:22 MEDCOMPLEX (IHOP Baby)
We are in a constant state of leaving and entering this world.

Sometimes, I really, really love this job.

Happy Birthday Baby!!!


  1. whoa. i have chills.
    your job reminds me of a tv show. IHOP baby.