Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weirder than Poison

In 1999, I graudated from high school. We didn't have a regular gym or field to graudation from, so we had our ceremony in the local community center auditorium. Seating is not in excess...I think I had 5 invites and I was even the class speaker. This is not a large building.

Tonight, I went and saw the Gin Blossoms perform on that same stage. Apparently they're staging a comeback and performing at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre is where it's at for trying to capture your old glory. I guess that's what's happened with Boyz II Men and Blues Traveller. You know how well it worked out for them.

Nothing is better than a Friday night out with my BF, sitting second row center, trying not to be accosted by the lead singer or his overly tight plaid skinny pants. We narrowly missed being the chosen as the lucky tamborine audience member who got an overly zealous fist bump at the end of the spontaneous fan participation. "Just don't make eye contact and don't let him see you not clapping" I kept hissing to keep us out off his radar.

Even better than the stage in front of us, was the audience around us - children, mullets, old folks afraid of being in the ruckus front row, a city council man two rows behind us, co-workers, women in boyfriend jeans with little bottles of Grey Goose in their pockets wearing Gin Blossoms 1994 concert t-shirts...really, this was almost as good as the people watching at Poison - mullets, side boobs hanging out of muscle shirts, inappropriate 50 year olds in denim skirts and leather, and the King of wierdness...Brett Michales, himself.

Oh community center, so many memories...sooo many memories.

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  1. curse you, karma!

    i could be one of the old folks or, as you so gently put it, "women in boyfriend jeans". i was in my college, gin blossom lovin', menthol-smoking PRIME in 1994!

    this is a great memory. i kinda wish you would have gotten a fist bump from Robin.