Friday, April 23, 2010

Compass Rose

I only have one tattoo that was not well thought out and I hate it. In all my travels and in all the aspects of life that beg for tough decisions to be made, it is always nice to know where you are and which way is up. I have been itching for ink for too long and thinking of getting this little symbol tattooed on me somewhere for many, many months. Tonight after one drink, a short walk down 6th St in Austin, Kelly and I decided to get tattoos. Just like that.

May I always remember that even if I stray off my beaten path, I can always find my way back.


  1. i LOVE it.

    true conversation i just had with myself:
    me: is it weird that i am worried about karma?
    me: no, she hasn't posted for days.
    me: i know. it's not like her.
    me: let's go check her blog one more time before bed...

    and here she is!!!
    nothing like new ink to spark things off for the summer. very, very cool!

  2. Carly!!! You're too funny! I have so much to write about. I have Been travelling...Tampa, VH1 rock cruise, a night in miami, and then a roadtrip from Miami to Austin. I've just had really spotty Internet, no time, distractions, too much to drink, not enough sleep... I am alive!!! I'll have a lot of posts after I get home tomorrow night! :)

  3. yay... take your time, take your time.
    we'll, er, i mean, I'LL be waiting :)