Monday, July 26, 2010

move me

8am, sleep should be well over me.
stuck on YouTube, listening to covers of Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
I find the real thing
the notes
the melody
that sound
they're like...??
what are they like?
it's a feeling...what's this word I'm thinking?


they flow, they get in my veins....they move me.
move me to a place where I'm not just listening with my ears

close your eyes, you don't need your eyes for this
can you find that place where you remember what this song feels like?
@ 1:03, the drop
lost your ground
lost your footing
the floor...felt like it just dropped out
too much to ignore
<3 stopped's joined a race
that lump in your throat
that pit in your stomach

reality is a harsh pill
a touch gone
a heart break too close
a goodbye that stares back
a tear that never seems to end
s l o w

until you just let it take over
give in
give up
stop fighting
let it run its course
until you're left just humming
pushing the repeat button on your memory

this is no where connected to my present
but I can still see that place where it owned my past
remembering how this song feels doesn't leave
the sting is long gone but the memory...
it still captivates me

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