Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day

And it is, the last day of February 2012 and also Leap Year Day, the 29th...I must write today of all days! It won't be back around again for four years. Four years! Can you imagine what will happen between now and then? How many blogs, how many changes, how many highs and lows, laughs and sorrows? I wonder. Hmmm...

Sadly, this is my also first blog entry for this year to date...what a sad, sorry state of affiars. I mean that in more ways than one. As much as I have felt compelled to write of my adventures, sorrows, and accomplishments over the last 3 months, I highly suspect that the lack of a working laptop at 4am kept me from getting to this online catharis of mine. I did write...I wrote in my private, handwritten journal of heartbreak that I thought I had closed the book on. Books...doors, they can just as easily be opened again as when they are closed. That is another blog for another night, but it is a story that should not be kept to myself anymore.

My first full week back to work after nearly a month off (later for that journey of applesauce and OR trips), I caught up on nearly everything, commuted 200 miles, in the rain, in a van, at 6:45am. Enough to send anyone to bed early, but alas, that damned internal Scarlett O'Hara took over tonight just as my weak and tired body was trying to doze off and she drove me to a 90* room filled with 35 other sweaty souls so we could stretch, challenge ourselves, let it all go, and find our inner strength.

Getting back to the grind is just that...grinding, wearing, not an appetizing word at all unless you're standing in the Starbucks line waiting for your fix.

Getting back to writing, getting it out of my head and onto this page, that is just a sigh of relief. It's like coming home after a long vacation and after any good vacation, you have lots of memories, knick-knacks, photos, and dirty laundry. I have all of those things from my last three months.

I heard a new favorite song tonight in class...the first five words of the song and I was hooked. I'm glad I was there to hear it, I'm glad I'm here to write about it, I'm glad that it's made it on to "that" list, I'm glad that even if it took three months, I'm back (here), and when you read this, I hope you're glad you're here too.

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