Sunday, April 22, 2012

In the Trenches

There are some days you know you're going to remember forever before you go into them. There are other days, moments in time, that completly catch you off guard and end up being the best days ever. Yesterday, was no accident. Signed up for months, "training" (I say this loosely) for month, 7 of us entered our first mud obstacle course.
There were the prima donnas of the group, the untrained, the unsure, and the go-getters, we were a team. One for all, all for one. We crawled, we ran, we jogged, we walked, we jumped, we blinked away mud, spit it out, tried to shake it off, and eventually just let it take over.
Post 3 showers later - the one at the end of the event, the one in the parking lot with the gallon jug of water, the one back at the house where I still found hay in my hair, 2 parties and an impromptu visit to my oldest aunt and uncle, I found myself in my favorite place to be. Behind the wheel, windows down, warm breeze, and a good song on the radio. The last time I was covered in head to toe, I was 8, my brother was 5, we were in the backyard unsupervised with a hose and a ropeswing. Kids just do what is fun. They run towards it, with no other thought on their mind, but to just get in the thick of it, no matter how dirty it is. Yesterday, I was just a kid and it was good. Really, really good. It was a perfect day in the beautiful mess that is my day.

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