Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's 3am. I want to run.

Usually when it's 3am, I don't want to do much along the lines of running. Today, I didn't go to the gym cause the right side of my nasal is all plugged up. Again. Seems like I always run myself down (no pun), don't sleep enough, pull all nighters (shocking? not really.), and then I get this nasal thing. turn, then I can't function, and just when I get to getting over that workout hump and start to actually feel like I'm not going to pass out, fall out, or ass out when it comes time to go to the gym, I get hit with some virus. I'll be damned if this one lasts for long though. I'm just rambling now, but I've managed to lose 6 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Not bad. Not bad at all...and that was even through Thanksgiving. In fact, I reported to the gym at 10am on Thanksgiving day and met with my trainer. How's that for dedication?

Of the smaller sized accomplishments in my life, I would like to run a 5K without an ambulance or chase car standing by. It's a goal, not yet a reality, but I'm working towards it, 90 seconds at a time. I can handle the intervals right now, walk, run, walk, run, walk, run, waaaaaaaaaalk, run... It's been mind over matter to keep that up for more than 20 minutes in a row, but I've managed to pull out at least 2-3 miles a day for the last few weeks. I have to remember these things when I'm on the treadmill:

I can do it. I actually look at myself in the reflection of the windowpane that stares out into the intersection of Elmira/Peabody and tell myself I can and that my shins really will not burst through my skin, I am not having a heart attack, and my workout pants will not combust into flames from the friction of my inner thighs running so furiously.
I can do it, 'cause I remember when Catie Allio was a little girl and could run like all the other kids her age.
I can do it, 'cause Annie wants to have a sleepover and watch The Little Mermaid like all the other girls her age.
I can do it, 'cause no matter what the signs pointed to in the past, my dad will never again run in his future.
I can do it, 'cause you have to walk before you run, and you have to start with 90 seconds before you can commit to 90 minutes.
I can do it, 'cause there is a pair of uniform pants from when I was in high school, a pair of jeans from when I was college, and a dress that was just too beautiful to not buy in my "skinny" closet.
I can do it, 'cuase maybe I still want to pass that physical that will get me from behind the mic to out on the street.
I can do it, 'cause I say I can.

So, it's 3am, and I want to run.

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