Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Respect thine elders

I find it ridiculous and appuling that parents are in an uproar over the scheduled speech that the President is planned to deliver to the millions of students that live in our country. I guess we'll have to call it fear of the unknown since the uproar seems to be quelling just the slightest since the context of the speech has been released by the White House.

Day in and day out, the economy of law enforcment and criminal justice is fueled by eons of children in their youth now and adults who have long since left their "youth" still acting like children disrepecting themselves and everyone around them. Parents call asking what they are supposed to do with their 8 and 9 year olds who slam doors and kick and scream. Spank the little brat and remind him who brought him into this world! Grandparents who are living in mixed households with multiple generations plead for help wanting to know how they, in their old age, are supposed to deal with selfish teenagers who drink and curse and smoke without the single regard for what will come of their behavior. Tell them to get the hell out of your house with their bratty children in tow!

Yet somehow, parents all over this nation are demanding that entire school districts prevent the message that the elected authority and President of our free country is about to say to the youth of this great nation.

I was watching a roundtable discussion on this same topic early this morning when I got home from work and it really struck me as sad, but true that there is clearly no respect for the office of the President anymore. I can't claim that I didn't find hilarity in the stumbling reponses from the former W. Bush or find it embarassing that he faltered so many times on the national stage. But I do know one thing that was taught to me by my parents - respect your authority. Not necessarily the man or his personal beliefs, but the office and the position.

I can't speak as a parent, but I can speak as a child and I would hope that more children will be taught to have respect for their country, their community, their President, their family, and theirselves.

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