Sunday, January 31, 2010

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

I actually really love Sundays. I slept in til 3pm and got up only to watch the Probowl on the couch in my pajamas. Somewhere over cereal for breakfast and oogling over Drew Brees on the sidelines, I decided that it was about time to get sushi with my dad. I've only been inviting him to go for like 2 months.

A few hours later with my uncle and sister in tow, I got my dad to eat raw fish and eel and then over frozen yogurt and minature gummy bears, I showed two old guys how an iphone works...the camera, the instant internet, the emailing, the fart machine, the PacMan game, Shazam, and Pandora.

I've been having a lot of conversation lately with people about how connected the generation of "kids" are today. The entire generation. This is a viral generation that literally has the power to change the world in the palm of their hands and at their fingertips. It's funny to see someone like my dad and my uncle react to the realities of such an instantly gratified reality. When my dad was a kid, he earned money by bicycle delivering wooden dentures to people. I'm.not.even.exaggerating. My dad is kind of an old guy. Seventy to be exact. So an iphone...pusshawww, get outta here!

So after googling the name of the Al Green song that played in the beginning of The Book of Eli to end the debate we were all having about who sang it, I showed a combined 137 years of life how I could instantly search it, purchase it, and play it for them. Even better, after getting back in the car, my dad pointed to his porthole on the dash of his new auxillery for a MP3 player.

So...after a night of sushi and frozen yogurt with my dad and my favorite uncle, I drove a little slower and took the long way home while we listened to an Al Green classic..."I can think of younger days when living for my life was everything a man could want to do..."

I love Sundays.

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  1. this makes me cry ... in a good way.
    you're a good daughter. you're a good soul.