Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where in the world?

has she been?

Answer: here, there, and everywhere. (read between the lines, on the couch asleep for the last 3 days)

As I sit here choking down steel cut oatmeal on my first day of weight watchers (gag & sigh), waiting for my newly installed hard drive to load on my bum laptop (@#!&^%$ thing better have not lost ALL my picture for the last 2 years), listening to John Mayer LIVE (Perfectly Lonely, yeah I dig it) play for the 3rd time this morning, I can't believe it's already January 13th. What the?

Granted, I spent the first 7 days of this year in a heatless van with 1 hubcap driving across the country in the worst Arctic freeze in 40 years (many, many backlogged adventures to come, I promise!), the 8th day on a SouthWest airplane flying OVER the artic cold death freeze of 2010, and then the next 3 days asleep on my couch drooling, unable to move from the sheer exhaustion of putting in 6,000+ travel miles in 2010 right from the get go.

I'm here. I'm alive. I'm already overwhelmed. I can barely manage to get my laundry done, but I have seen 3 movies this week, turned down 1 blind coffee date, suffered through a friend's 5am crisis at hour 5 of the New Year, got a senior citizen safely across the country, and broken a brush and a closet door in a mini-rage over yes, again, dog hair and mud.

What do I want for this new year? What do I always want?
To look like a hot supermodel by Summer
To pay off all my bills and shout from the rooftops "I'm debt free!!!"
To see more of the world (check)
To be happy much more. I like the way my calendar is shaping up. Not to say that life lives in the calendar pages of your planner, but I'm putting this year to work. I am.

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