Thursday, May 17, 2012

Follow Your Heart

I'm not one for letting the cosmos dictate the course of my life, but I read them now and then and sometimes they echo what is happening in my head and my heart:

Gemini Daily Extended Horoscope for May 17, 2012
Your goals, your wishes and your hopes are your own -- you cannot let them be defined by pressures from other people, especially your boss. If you aren't hungry for that corner office, then why pretend that you are? The extra effort will only make you miserable, and there will be no payoff at the end. Remind yourself why you chose the path you chose, and stop focusing so much on a dollar figure. Happiness has nothing to do with a paycheck. It has to do with following your heart.


  1. AMEN! I started reading The Four Hours Work Week this morning. We're in synch my dear, we're in synch!