Monday, June 4, 2012

cloudy with a chance of dawn

My first sight of the Dawn after a long, long night.  If I painted a picture of my head & my heart right now, it would look like this horizon.  Heavy & cloudy but not without a palette of beautiful light shining through.  It's going to rain later this morning, feed the dry ground & wash away some of the dust that's been kicked around for these last few hot days. Rainstorms in June...reminds me of places further SouthEast of here.  Those places have my heart, but this morning, I am grateful for these beautiful clouds that are my lullaby.


  1. i love nights like this. mornings, they are tough for me. so i pretend like it's evening. beautiful.

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  3. you are really an amazing photographer. you have a skill to capture a moment which remain still for ever. I really appreciate your work..