Tuesday, November 17, 2009

beautiful mess

What do you see?

A mess probably.

I see the result of a fabulous dinner, a good family get together, and a solid "remember that time?"

If left to his own devices, my father would eat himself into a fast food/salami & cheese coma. I think that might be his ultimate exit plan. So, about once a week, I try and cook something. This week it was tri-tip tacos with all the fixins, homemade beans and rice, fresh grilled tortillas, and pumkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Enough to feed an army...

In the background was about 10 of my family members and the fight. Yeah, you know, that one with the Filipino and the Puerto Rican. Considering the Aquino family was well represented in my living room, you can guess who we were cheering for. This won't happen often, but we made the effort to make it happen tonight.

What a beautiful mess this is.

1 comment:

  1. Those have been my family's most beautiful messes too.. enjoy!