Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am in love...

with this wedding blog (click that title up there ^yeah that one^). It is super-fab, but not ultra frilly. There are no dresses in the shapes of cupcakes or overstuffed Kleenex boxes or trains that go on for days, wrapping around chairs and small, unsuspecting children. There are no cliche, over-the-top bouquets of pink roses enveloped in yards of tule, or cheesy towering tier cakes with fake Romanesque pillars and lame hollow plastic figures of the bride and groom.

It is chic and quirky celebration of unique happy people that make you want to be happy too. The photos (!) are just a visual smorgasbord for my eyes! I have been surfing this site for hours now (shhh, don't tell my boss), in between brandishings, attempted burglaries, dog-bites, and prowlers, I cannot stop looking at all things wedding on this site. I know, how un-Lauren like of me!!!

Well, I guess in all my "s/h-appiest-day-of-my-life" visual feasting, I have decided these things:

I want a reception in barn with lots of little lights
I want a red velvet cake
I want lots of colors and a wedding weekend that goes on for days...
I want my guests to sign a cool guitar in lieu of a guest book
I want to take my own wedding pictures yet be in them at the same time (I know, I know...there's now way to do that!)

I want to win the lottery, quit my job, and start an event's planning business hiring all my friends and family who will love to work for me because we will be in the business of making people happy and we will only work with happy people. Bridezillas, cheapskates, and overbearing mother-in-laws need not apply.

But...despite all that, I do not want these things just for the sake of wanting them and that IS very Lauren-like of me.


  1. i am scared to go to this site. i secretly (like you are literally the only person i've told) want to get married one day. it's weird. i know. but i want it to be under a sky of fireworks, somewhere barefooted, with less than 20 people there.

    i will hire you to plan my wedding. that said, i have spent 4 years of my career doing event planning. while they weren't weddings they are a pain in the ass and apparently, considering i got "let go" a couple of weeks ago, out of demand.

    i will visit your wedding site when my stomach can hold solids down.

  2. it's hip and trendy...it won't make you blow chunks, there's all kinds of cool stuff for cool people...i promise (but keep a plastic back close just in case)