Monday, March 15, 2010


Miles that is.

I have started the Lauren 2010 odometer. My goal is to put in 50,000 travel miles this year. My January jaunt across the country put me on the bubble real quick. By the end of April, I will already have clocked 33,900 miles and more than a dozen states.

I don't know waht came first. The wanderlust or the restlessness. Maybe I'll contemplate it tomorrow afternoon on a beach in Hawaii.

Aloha my friends!


  1. Okay I always read about all this traveling stuff your doing! For one, im beyond jealous! And two, how in the heck do you get to do all for work or is there some secret I should learn while im young?! HA! Hope Hawaii was great!

  2. Well, I worked a 70 hour weeks when I first started my job, so my good work ethic carries me now that I'm in the 8th year of my career and I want to take shitloads of time off. :) Plus, when I am home, I am always on call and I have been a great employee for my boss...coming in early, staying late, adjusting scheudules that saved the department thousands of $ in would-be overtime. You get what you, I work 12 hour shifts, which gives me a 4 1/2 weekend every other week...I take a lot of my trips on those weeks when I only have to put in for 3 hours of's a science that I've been working on for a few years now. I just travel for fun...I WISH I got paid for this!

  3. Well done girl!! Then you SO deserve all that traveling! You make me wanna work harder for sure lol. Now only if I can luck into job like that hahaha.