Sunday, January 16, 2011

Controlled chaos

I did it.

I joined eHarmony.


This is the stinky part, filling out the questions and check boxes. So far I've determined this about myself:

I live in controlled chaos.
I like both cats and dogs.
I don't know where my favorite non-US place is.
I prefer to go to steakhouses for a "big night out" Huh? Yeah...
I admitted to my love for zombie movies right after I professed the same love for The Notebook.
I can't think of who has been the most influential person in my life besides my parents.
Kenny Chesney, P!nk, and Dave Matthews Band are among my favorites and I only got that one right because you can't possibly get that wrong!

I feel like I don't even know myself after this. Where's the box that says: insomniac girl who says "fuck" too much, has bad credit but a really well paying job, loves to travel, takes care of her family, owns her own home, laughs daily, is not afraid of much, has long bouts of creativity, can blog your pants off, is mostly sane, sometimes overly passionate, just wants someone to spend time with, cuddle up with and watch B movies on the couch, and go on day trips, and pontentially choose to commit to if the whole thing doesn't backfire. Oh yeah, she keeps her word, she's not going to break your dishes in the middle of the street like a crazy woman, your mother will love her, she can cook, and she's pretty good in bed too. Yeah, I just said that.

Liberal. Center to left. Ultra-conservative. Middle of the road. ?!? Shoot me in the head already.


I haven't even't gotten to the "values" section of this life history.

Is there not a shortcut for this? I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I could press the "easy" button for this tonight.


  1. Good luck sweetie. This works for some people, didn't for me though. Filling in this kind of questionnaire tends to put you in a particular drawer and as you know, any human being is more complicated than that. Worse, it makes you look for profiles of people who will fall in the same drawer because really, how would you e-mail a perfect stranger if you don't have anything in common to talk about? While in real life you meet all kinds of people, people from other drawers, and that's what makes relationship rich and interesting. So yeah, look into other drawers as well, mkay? ;-)

  2. I will look in a whole other chest of drawers!!!!

  3. it's going to be awesome...even if it's just good material for your blog! i kinda want to join too, just to see what's going on in the virtual dating world. 1 out of 3 relationships start with online dating sites. do work!

  4. just the thought of dating now makes my head hurt and my stomach churn. But... the stats are right- that's how most people meet now- geez, who has time to go out in person to meet people! haha