Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today, I made good on a committment. I signed up for an unlimited month of Bikram, which is almost 100%ridiculous given my absolute and complete aversion to being too hot and the fact that last time I did yoga, my boob fell out of my shirt.

Nonetheless, I went and signed up, brought my mat, and sat in the sauna of a room for 90 minutes trying (key word here trying) to keep up. I am not flexible. Well, I'm not totally inflexible, but I definitley am going to be a beginner for a long time. I have a new focus to lose weight and commit more time to just me. Sweating like a pig and smelling like a camel seems the right approach, eh? Just acclamating to the temperature was accomplishment enough for me. I can't remember the last time I've sweat like that. I may have never sweat like that in my life and you know what? It felt good when I was done. Real good. I'm not scared yet, hot yoga, even if I can't stop thinking about this SNL video.


  1. Almost spit my coffee out of my nose!! Thanks!

    Love that clip...and the camel reference is hilarious...although it did make me think of super tight spandex yoga pants riding up in places that only my gyno should see...okay and maybe Bones too (ha). Sorry if that's TMI!

    Might have to try it out but I'm afraid if I go at the same time as you we'll end up giggle so much I'd pee my pants...not that anyone could tell with all that sweating going on!!

  2. the stank alone would do me in. i'd be in the corner dry heaving. and i would probably toot. and definitely pee my pants with LBC.