Monday, February 7, 2011

30 things: Day 1

Day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

{January, 2011 @ The Tilted Kilt in San Diego...I was very, very "tilted". The picture will remain sideways because that's how things went that night and into the next day. A bagel, a salad, and 16 vodka/tonics with extra lime. Well, 8 doubles, but that makes 16 in my book and awholelottalime. I've had never thrown up in a public bathroom.....until that night. I had also never thrown up in a bag in a a rental car in the middle of Balboa Park at 2pm in front of three of my co-workers. Score one for getting older and wiser. Not. PS, that's Nicole, she's one of my new, best friends. I couldn't have recovered without her. We were friends before, but now I know I can really, really count on her. I owe her big time. Big time!}

1) I love zombie movies
2) I have 2 middle names: Deborah & Rebecca
3) I've owned 9 cats in my lifetime, all but 1 have died, gotten eaten, or run away. I've been trying to be the "cat lady" all my life.
4) I have a list of girl baby names that I love somewhere in a journal. Coincidentally, they all end in "a".
5) The National Anthem always gives me the chills.
6) I'm really afraid of getting cancer, but if I should suffer such misfortune, I'll get a tattoo on my bald head.
{Karma: as I typed this, I got this notification in my inbox:
I am pleased to inform you that your recent Pap
screening test for cervical cancer was normal.
Most excellent news.
7) My hair has been falling out since I was 18. I've concluded that it's hereditary. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes it doesn't. I am always self concious about. That is part of why I don't date on a regular basis.
8) I love mushrooms.
9) Country music puts me at ease. I cannot deny it.
10) I grew up in a cult until I wes 13 years old. You would hardly believe the stories I have from my childhood. Being a functioning adult is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life considering the way I could have gone. My parents are to credit and to blame for both of those things.
11) I bought my childhood home when I was 23 years old. Finacially sound, mentally and socially one of the worst decisions of my life. The house came with family members, pets, damage, and other type baggage.
12) The theme song from Unsolved Mysteries is just about enough to make me hide under the covers and cry. I was scared to death as a child by those stories ALL the time.
13) I'm always warmer than everyone else. It takes a lot for me to get cold.
14) I'm pretty good at reading people. It's probably because I don't trust a lot of them. I guess between #10 up there and what I do for a living, I can't help but feel like that and know when someone is trying to bamboozle me or someone that I love. On the other hand, I'm pretty good at picking out the genuine ones.
15) I'm kind of like a baby. When I want to throw a temper tantrum and shit all over the people around me, I get in my car and drive. Fast or slow. I drive and scream. I drive and vent. I drive and cry. I just get in the car and it usually rocks me back to sanity. That's the plain truth.


  1. okay, you could have stopped after the first paragraph and it would have completed the task! haha. i LOVE this. you have inspired me to dig a little deeper for this challenge. i love this insight, this little glimpse into your life ... talk about raw, throw your clothes off, honest.

    you're amazing.

  2. My filter is's non existent when I'm writing at work.

  3. too. The scared part, not the tattoo part (believe it or not)