Sunday, February 6, 2011

OkCupid find me Plenty of Fish

I just wanna say that it's 3:33 am Sunday morning (meaning a few hours ago was Saturday night) and I'm watching a movie about the horrors of being single and online dating while surfing my "matches" on not 1 but 2 dating websites.

I just went through 30 pages of 15 "matches" , that's 450 guys, and it was as sucessful as me trying to balance a checkbook.

This is too fucking much to handle right now. Yes, I said fucking.

I'm gonna stick to the organic cooking for right now. It's much easier for me to control those ingredients. Running, maybe I'll pursue that too. I'll work on my get away strategies for horrible first dates.



  1. haha!

    question: why has no one made a reality show about you and online dating yet?

    whatever. i signed up too. i did. holding my newborn in one arm and a handful of tootsie rolls in the other.