Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Challenge

I've done it...I've committed to the 2011 Weight Loss Challenge.

I can't fit in my uniform pants and I refuse to buy bigger ones. I referred to my upper body as "flubber" the other day. I.found.new.stretch.marks.

I'm over it.

I said that I want to look better at 30 than I ever have before, right? Ok...time to do something about it. What am I waiting for? The Biggest Loser application? I thought not.

Donna. She's always up for a good challenge, so I asked her in passing the other night. "Hey, Donna, do you want to go on a di("yes!!!!")et with me?" That ("yes!!!!") was her answering me before I even got the rest of the question out.

That night at work in the early, early AM hours when nothing was moving, no one was calling, and my pants were cutting off the circulation to my lower body, we decided on the terms of the Challege.

From yesterday (January 31st) to the beginning of May, we have agreed on the following:

Mondays will be the official weigh in days
There will be no sabotage of each other's weight loss
We will make food that we can share during the work week
and these things...

1) the first to get to 5% of original weight lost gets $25 iTunes gift card
2) the first to get to 20 lbs total lost gets a gift certificate for a 1-hr massage
3 and final) at the end of the Challege, the one with the most % of weight lost gets a $100 gift card for their favorite clothing company.

So now we're on day 2. I want chocolate in large doses. I have eaten a small box of produce in the last 24 hours. I can't stop peeing. My pants are still tight. I'm gassy.

But...I put it on Facebook to all my "friends" and now I have to answer to them too and I don't like that which ultimately means that it's the right thing to do.

Next...the gym that comes along with the trainer who I have avoided now for all of 2010 and the latter part of 2009. The trainer that used to be a football player. The one with the big arms and the gold tooth in the front. The one that doesn't fall for my lame excuses or my faiting and vomitting spells on the treadmill.

After that...I conquer the world. :)

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