Friday, April 9, 2010

Drowning in the Sea of What's Right

Where is my head right now? Right now, it's plugged into a headseat, swimming with the thoughts, opinions, ideas, suggestions, concerns, and fears of everyone that I work with. I'm listening. I'm even listening to the people that go totally againts the grain. I'm listening because it's my job. I'm listening because I represent them, because I chose to be their voice and make decisions that are in their best interests. I've heard so many opinions, I'm having a hard time remembering what mine are. Is it a gamble or is it a worthy fight? Can you still maintain that there's a worthy fight and take a gamble? I will fight like hell and I will give it my damndest, but I'm not above letting my guard down and asking what it takes to fix this. I just don't know what is right.

***Sidebar: My head is also flooded with the voice of a 24 year old Taiwanese It's wondering how I'm going to get packed for yet another trip on Tuesday. He is phenomenal, and I'm again reminded about how judgemental I am. I hate that. I'm also completley in awe and appreciation of incredibly gifted people no matter who they are.

I know this in my personal life: If you both dig your heels in and refuse to give a little, and who looses? Everyone. Eventually you either let it all fall by the wayside and move on OR someone caves, someone conceeds, but then there's the risk that the damage is already done and you'll never be able to fix that relationship again. I wish I had a magic 8-ball. I wish it was just that easy.

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