Thursday, April 1, 2010


You can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse. Well this woman thinks in extremes. Either I carry around the "dead zebra" packed to the brim with cables, bottles of pills, multiple pens from local insurance companies, a calendar from 2009, a book for that "downtime", a pay stub, old water bill, a couple of paper clips, some lip plumper, dental floss... You get the point, it's like the purse of a crazy person. Option B, I just carry my wallet. I cleaned it out today and in the place of cash money, I found receipts, baggage claim slips, and ticket stubs and I smiled. Money has value but memories and experiences are priceless.

I think it's the wallet of a cool person, even if it does live in the purse of a crazy chick.

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  1. What about the never ending pounds of change you carry!?!?