Sunday, February 15, 2009


I hate people. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. I am a public servant which in turn for some people means that I am their doormat. Well, I've been a doormat for years not and I am done with it. I've been called a bitch first thing at the beginning of my 7am shift because someone thought that an ambulance wasn't driving fast enough. I've been threatened on more occasions than I can remember and on a regular baiss told that I have to do whatever some random public person at large decides they want done because they "pay my salary". Well, you know, I pay my salary too. I've lived in this town for my entire life. I pay local taxes, state taxes, and property taxes, which almost means that I nearly work for free sometimes. I hate this town. I hate the high and mighty people who live in this town that think they are the be and and end all of small town living. Look around people! This is a town with a major state prison, along the I80 corridor, within less than an hour's drive from Oakland. This is not Mayberry. Yes it did happen to you, yes you did actually do something to bring it on yourself, and yes, leave. Go, get out, and don't look back if you don't like the way that business is done around her. I want to give this city and these citizen's the biggest middle finger that I can find. I want to build a giant one out of foam and put it on top of my house. But, alas...if I do that, if I choose to so express my freedom if speech, there will be some cartoon character councilwoman publically ranting about how things like this don't happen in her pristine town. I work with men and women who have good pay and good benefits for working with the lowest of the low and the most soul-leaching people and demands that someone can deal with on a regular basis, and what do we get? Shit. We get shit for wanting to have a decent life outside of that with medical benefits that won't carry most of us into long life like those people who work in the private sector. I could go on and on, and really all this rant hasn't done much for me or my current stress level, but I feel the need to publically make it known to all those public persons out there who feel that they can abuse the system and make demands on "their dime" that you don't count for anything other than being a leech on this society. Karma is a big, nasty, ugly bitch with a rockin' sense of humor and you can only burn her so many times before you alter your fate.

I'm over this. Bankruptcy and the life of a vagabond traveller is calling my name. I hate my job, I hate this town, I hate these people...

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