Monday, February 16, 2009

Weather the storm

There's a war happening in the sky above my head. The sun and the clouds are at battle with each other. It's actually a beautiful sight. Some wars aren't gruesome or bloody. I suspect the rain will win for tonight, but the sun always finds its way to shine through somehow.

I have found the perfect blog spot in my driveway, Safety tucked away in my urban assault vehicle. Just me and my laptop listening to tunes watching the clouds roll by. This car is my safe place. It's carried me to and from some great moments in life. It's also been part of my long drive home after those oh so many walks of shame. I just saw "He's Not That Into You" - I liked it. I've had that book for years now...years. I've worn the pages slightly, yet I still chose to ingore it's advice when it was convenient for me. I like to think that I am the sun in that battle in my life. Always managing to shine through somehow...always managing to weather the storm.

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