Monday, May 18, 2009

Be like Nike

...and Just Do It! Right? Ok, so I was eating a glorious piece of Dove dark chocolate tonight at work and I always look forward to the special meaning printed on the wrappers. This was was mine tonight.

Duh! I was JUST sitting there wondering what it was that I was going to get my friend in Hawaii who's birthday I've known for 20 years and still manage to miss every year. That whole ship-it-across-the-pacific always manages to throw a kink in things. With my message from Dove and a call to 1-8oo-flowers later, I sent my bestest, longest lasting (known her since I was 8) friend surprise flowers that she'll get tomorrow! Who doesn't love flowers and bonus (!) that is something that I have NEVER gotten her in the course of our friendship. Those presents are getting fewer and farther between now. Score, thanks Dove. So this is what it's like to shop like a man, huh? How easy...

What else...well you know that bucket list that I always have roaming around in the back of my mind, that one item "learn to play the guitar". Yeah, I'm a few steps closer to checking that one off. I am surrounded by some great musicians here at work. My favorite redheaded cop is a great guitarist. Call it a few cases of Coronas later and I might even be a musican myself. Can you imagine such a thing? For all of my 20s I've been saying that some day I'll learn how to pick up a guitar and make it sing. Well, my day, you're not so wiley now, are ya? We're gonna be meeting here real soon.

Yeah, that's right. Just do it.

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