Monday, May 18, 2009

WHAT was I thinking?

Really...what was I thinking when I didn't get tickets to Kenny Chesney's Carnival Tour this year?! I have tickets for Nickelback, P!nk, American Idol, and No Doubt...Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, and the Black Eyed Peas are all on the horizon, but there is a significant lack of country in my future. I've gone to see Kenny every summer for the last 3 years. He's one of the Summer Staples in my music world. Scratch that, he's just a staple in my music existence. As I laid on the rug in my living room with my spine stretched across the foam roller prescribed to me by physical therapy, I turned on GAC just in time to have the King of Country woo me through the pain. I don't think that swaying your hips and tapping your feet is something that you're supposed to do when you're stretching your spine, but I could't stop if I wanted to. That sound...that country meets island beat; it makes me happy. That's it. Plain and simple, it just makes me happy. His music makes me infinitely happy. I HAVE to go see him this summer. Live music is my church. It feeds my soul.

Ok, so it's church with Jello shots! Last year's concert at ATT park on the SF Bay was THE best day ever! No lie. The BEST day ever. I have never had a better time at a concert. There's nothing like a country concert tailgate to make great friends and memories. Somewhere in the hot asphault sea of lifted 4x4s and wranglers, a group of girls who just wanted to have fun, made a sign that said "What would you do for a jello shot?" and formed a parade that wound the parking lot in search of victims. Let the insanity ensue and the good times roll. Bonus, this was all before the concert even began. see, I must go again!!!

Ever suck a Jello shot off a shirtless cowboy laying on top of a ping pong table? Yeah, well it looks like this...

For all you non-country fans, I'll share this description of what his music does for me. I'm trying to convince my country-hatin', Floridian friend to go see him with me in Tampa in August.

Its not really like honky tonk country though...and he has fabulous lyrics!!! incredible lyrics. Ok...listen to what he has to say in Be As You Are, Better as a Memory, Beer in Mexico, Something Sexy About the Rain, You Save Me, Freedom... Some People Change makes me want to be a better person.

Some of his tunes make me all romatical...I love them. I want to cruise along the coastline in a convertible on a warm summer night listening to his tunes. It's not like humpy humperson music though...I don't want to get sand in my crack or nothing. I just want to like slow dance with a hot man on a pier somewhere. :)


  1. I can appreciate good lyrics, its the twang I have a problem with. I can't connect to the song with all the crazy country music in the background!

  2. There is no twang with Kenny!! Even you could get into it!

  3. wait...what? when and where is pearl jam???!!!