Friday, May 15, 2009

Listen to your heart

I'm on day 2 of 3 days off in a row with NO agenda, no travel plans, nothing. I went to the gym this morning, caught up on some tv, and took an nap. It's gone up 8 degrees since I've been asleep. It's not even noon yet...I want to do something great today. What?

A Roxette remake is playing right now. Listen to your heart. Well, I want to go see the water, I'd go to the beach but I can't get there and back by my 6:30 pedicure appointment with my best friend. Actually want to go walk across the Golden Gate Bridge at night...can yo do that at night? Is there some kind of of suicidal prevention barrier up? I've never done it. I was going to a couple of weeks ago and I was too tired. I think that would be something great to do with today.

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