Sunday, May 3, 2009

Conspiracy theory

Seriously, it is all a conspiracy. Really? Hmm....

You can choose not to trust anyone in life but in that you loose a part of your human-ness. I don't have the time or the finger strength to get into the depth of what is actually behind this, but it's interesting that it all comes back around no matter how you slice it. Saying that you can never trust anyone is shirking your responsibility to being the owner of your own actions in life. Sure there are plenty of people who are to not be trusted, but the writing is usually on the wall with them. As far as the other select few, it has been my experience that there are people who will stick with you through thick and thin. Don't be fooled though...those are not the same people as the ones who excuse your vile and vicious behaviors just because you are "friends". I expect my friends to tell me when I am beyond reason and just simply wrong. That is a friend. That is someone you can trust. A friend like that is a good friend wether you talk to them once a day or once a year. Anyone else who blindly excuses your behavior without the forethough of what the consequences might bring, is blowing smoke up your ass. Really, if you want a friend like that, join a gang.

Since the beginning of time we have all decided that we are the other's judge, jury, and executioner when really we are none to judge. I have found that my good, true, lifetime friends have never judged me personally for my actions. It's one thing to judge the actions themselves, and quite another to judge the person. I say I believe in God and Karma when I say wholeheartedly that we all will be made to answer for our decisions. Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint when it comes to learning the hard way what it is to have and be a friend. I've crossed the line when it comes to openly judging people close to me but I am slowly learning my mistakes in that. It's a hard pill to swallow, but friendships constantly evolve, grow, and fade away with regularity but such is the course of life. Some friends are for a lifetime, some are just for a season. When I find myself reminiscing or regretting current and former friendships, I have to remind myself of that fact.

Really, in any relationship, there's always risk, but risk is part of reward. Like with lovers and old flames, with friendships you are better to have had it and lost it than to have never taken the risk at all. To have a good friend, you have to be a good friend and good friendships, like love, make the way of life easier and more enjoyable. I'll toast to that.

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