Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't call me Little Miss Muffett

Funny things happen when you work graveyard shift. This is one of them pulled straight from the email I sent to my co-workers before the end of the shift.

This thing was crawling on my phone monitor and then it stopped and looked right at me with its beady little eyes and then melissa hit it with a rolled up oriental trading company catalog and then we thought it died cause there were guts but then we saw it like 5 minutes later making webs up on the door monitor screen so she hit it again an it like aircoasted down to the counter and she had to hit it like 6 times to totally kill it. Seriously though, it looked at me.

For the record, I'm pretty resiliant when it comes to bugs and bug like things. I won't scream, run, throw up, rash up, or grab people. I won't act like a sissy woman and it pretty much nuts me up when other sissy women act like sissy women when there is both me and a bug in the general vicinity. Now jumping bugs and bug like things...oh no. Now that is a different topic. Things just shouldn't be jumping.

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