Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gimme, gimme!

I am watching Untamed Heart. This is such a sweet movie. I remember watching it when I was a kid and balwing my eyes out at the end. Christian Slater played such a weird, sweet, strange, lovable character. Back then, I actually used to believe that the things in movies might actually happen in person. Maybe I've just had a dose of reality since then. Or.....I just stopped dreaming outside of the lines. I think it's good to watch the movies that remind you of your childhood. They remind me to keep dreaming.

I went to the circus tonight. Literally and figuratively. I saw Britney Spears...oooh, what a sight. Yeah, looking at that admission in writing makes me want to start concocting my defense. Not a show I ever saw myself spending money on, but after seeing Madonna last year, I had to see if her predacessor could even come close to the hype. Not. Even. Actually, tonight wasn't a bad show. It was entertaining, the seats were good, and the company was great as usual. I've been to a lot of concerts and seen a lot of talent. This girl, on the other hand, ooooh girl....even with as much as I was rooting for her to regain her sanity, managed to corner the market on sparkling mediocrity. She might have been a powerhouse once upon a time, but she sure the hell seemed medicated tonight. The trainwreck simply didn't disappoint. Gimme me a beat and a little bit of room and I could shake my booty and pop my hips with more conviction and interest than Ms. Spears. It's just plain disapointing to watch someone do something that it seems like they just don't love to do and I paid for it. What it must be like to be a superstar with that much attention. I won't lie...I'd like to see what it must be like in her shoes for just one day. How's that for daydreaming?

It is less than a compliment when your troupe of dancers steal the spotlight. Dancers have my utmost attention. I tend to think that if I could rewrite some childhood focus, I would have stayed in those dance classes I took when I was young. I think that I would have loved to be a dancer. One of those floating free spirits who lives the majority of the days in odd layers of breathable fabrics practicing my moves in every inch of free space I could find.

Hmm...what a night. I guess it's on to the next adventure. What next, what next...

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