Thursday, April 16, 2009

Look towards the sun

Somewhere back in the beginnings of my blogging, I planted some sunflowers and last week they arrived! Well one at least. I'm having quadruplets. The other three are still hatching I guess. I love sunflowers. Always have. I used to paint them, pick them from fields, put them in vases all over the house. I even had a sunflower dress that I used to always wear to church. There are fields of them just outside of the city limits and when you catch the day just right, you can see them all turned towards the sun in rows like soldiers at attention just soaking up the last of the rays left before dusk. I gotta get out and photog that soon.

I think they're bright, beautiful, and strong. You can see it with this one in my window. How it stretches and reaches for the sun during the day - it's pratically kissing the window. There's something that's just simply admirable about this little flower.

1 comment:

  1. those pictures look like something you'd see on the cover of an april better homes and gardens... not that I love that magazine, cause I dont, haha
    Very nice...