Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Sunday kind of Saturday

I think that Sundays are my favorite days right now. Sundays are my first day off after the end of the week. I sleep in until it's ridiculously late. I don't usually change out of my pj's or wash my hair. Most Sundays I don't even leave the house.

Right now, it's sunny and nice out side, the curtains are pulled back, the windows are cracked, there's not the usual constant drone of cars driving by. Everyone else in the house is napping or watching TV. It's quiet except for Allison Krauss coming from the internet radio on my iphone. It's not only radio, it's custom radio. I can listen to whatever I want, whenever I want. How could I have gone this long without a radioo-phone?! Seriously.

This actually feels like my second Sunday in a row. Yesterday was a Sunday kind of Saturday. We had a surprise birthday pajama party. We ate good food, listened to good music, caught up on life, and cut up exactly 14 custom cupcakes in 1/4's and proceeded to slip slowly off into a sugar coma. It was a panorama of pastries. These were no ordinary cupcakes - there was red velvet, pink champagne, irish car bomb, boston cream pie, snickerdoodle, carrot was almost sinful. Post-coma, I laid on the couch with the "little" girls afterwards and and then I sat at the table and drank tea with the "big" girls. What a good Sunday kind of Saturday.

Hmmm...I hear the to-do list starting to call my name again. I guess it's time to turn the music louder.

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