Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here's a thought that ran through my head. Was gonna just keep it as a draft, but what the hell. This is my blog right? I can say whatever I want.

Came across Ray LaMontagne on XM at Aunt Liz's last month - reinforced at home a few weeks later with the new cable music channels - happened upon him in person in Cleveland which was also on a whim and almost didn't happen - so impressed with the show you write a blog and in looking for a picture to post with said blog, stumble upon one attached to a blog written by a guy named "JD" - who you happened to chat out of the blue tonight just because. Ever get the thought that the world is just connected by one big string? Really...if it is, why are we so intimidated and unable to approach each other? Seems like we're all connected.

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