Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today I...

woke up at 4pm (Eastern time), dropped my new iphone into a mug of hot chocolate, ate pasta linguine for breakfast at 5pm, played Guitar Hero until my left middle finger (AKA the red chord) went numb, didn't shower or change out of my pj's, watched PS I Love You, accidentally flung salad across the kitchen, surfed the 'net for accredited online business colleges, dropped the oatmeal into the burner and then lit it on fire making tea which was right before I dropped the peanut butter out of the cubbard on top of a glass full of diet dr pepper which exploded and then flew across the newly cleaned kitchen floor. It's midnight, burnt oats fill the air, my stomach is growling for dinner, and butter fingery fear is keeping me locked down to the couch in fear of electrocution and impalment.

I was having a love affair with my iphone and three weeks later, it's dead, sitting in a chocolate scented ziplock bag on the fire place mantle . Par for the course. Could have been a man for that matter.

I should have just stayed in bed.

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  1. Just reading this now... wow, you are a total clutz genius! I hope this doesn't happen all the time! Makes for good reading though :)