Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a girl with her guitar

Somewhere in my Unisom and 800mg ibuprofen haze on yet another flight home, halfway lulled asleep by my ipod, Sister Hazel’s “Erin” came on and I forced myself to record in some conscious part of my brain to buy an acoustic guitar. I actually told myself to do it and do it soon. The subject of me and the drive to adopt a musical talent came up sometime in the last 10 days on a highway between Ohio and Michigan. I couldn’t tell you where exactly - I guess between Sacramento, Detriot, Jackson, Cleveland, Crocker Park, Ann Arbor, Indiana, Chicago, Schaumberg, and Oakland the mileage has started to blur. Marlena is great at posing though-provoking and soul-seach worthy questions on the spot at 70MPH. Somewhere during a brief break in my constant car karaoke, she asked me what are the things I want to accomplish in life before I get old. My bucket list. It took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts and then I started to see the list in my head and remembered that I had created a list a few years back at Sure enough, I’ve managed to accomplish a few of those things, but there are still the constants that remain. Learn to play the guitar is one of them. I want to stop making lists and start making more check marks. This may be the first step towards my constant threat of vagabonery and less than full time employement all in the name of creative genius and the love of music, but I think it would do my soul some good to just be a girl with her guitar.

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