Monday, April 13, 2009

A book cover

I saw this blurb of some kind of inspiring story out of Britian. I've never been disappointed with the clips from "Britian's Got Talent." They really do. You have to see this performance to see what I mean.

We judge each other and ourselves by what we have accomplished in life, how much we have, material things, beauty, all the things that we can see from the outside, and we somehow think that we have the right to have an opinion about everyone despite the addage that you can never judge a book by it's cover. This woman has never been kissed and she's 47. Do you think that a good majority of people would question her validity as an accomplished person who has something to offer to the world because she's never been kissed at her age? I do. I think that people would think she might be a loser. In fact, you can see the doubt and judgement on the faces of the audience before the first note is played.

During her pre-interview she said that she had always wanted to sing in front of a large audience. She said "I'm gonna make that audience rock" and she did. She blew them out of their seats and on to their feet. I love it. I love her spirit. Who said that anyone can ever keep you down?

Stunned. Just absolutely taken aback. And then to add the spirit of the song to the scene - I Dreamed a Dream. Its just absolutley inspiring and thank God for people like Susan who just go for it despite what anyone else might think. You rock Susan!!!

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  1. I just saw that and wow. That's all I