Monday, June 29, 2009

Brown Eyed Girl

I'm sucked into Facebook and it's damned quizzes although I never really agree with anything they ever reveal about me. This one however...this one kind of hit it right on the freaking monay!

When people look into your eyes, they can tell that you're a funny and down-to-earth person. You love to make people laugh, and always know how to cheer someone up when they're down. People can tell when you're upset just by looking into your eyes. Your jokes make you a lovable and sociable person, and you make friends easily. You tend to balance your life between school, friends, and family fairly easily, but sometimes you let your grades slip. You're great on stage and would make an awesome comedian!

I have a hard time seeing myself as the people around me do. Ok, yeah, that's nothing special, right? Someone told me I have a big heart and I felt the need to defend why I thought I didn't, but then someone else made mention of me being a bitch and I didn't really even blink. What is that? Why is it so hard to accept sincerity and being heartfelt? Things that make you go hmmm....

I've had such a full weekend, I don't know where to start with my blogging. Perhaps in the next 8 hours of my graveyard shift on a 90 degree night in the Summer waiting for chaos to ensue and people to drop like flies, I will muster up the adjectives to give it a go.

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