Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Tahoe...

Dear 2005 Sport Red Chevy Tahoe,

I just wanted to write you to tell you how much I love you for these reasons but not these reasons alone.

You keep me warm when I am cold.
You keep me cool when I am hot.
You keep me dry when it is raining and you blow my hair in the breeze when it's beautiful and sunny outside.
I feel safe when you surround me.
You listen to me sing and talk to myself and you never say how ridiculous I sound when I sing like Aretha, Cher, Shikira, or like Cher singing a Shakira song.
Day and night,you play all my favorite songs for me at the touch of a button and you never complain about the twangy country songs.
You go with me on almost all of my adventures and you never complain when I bring all of my girlfriends along with me.
You know how to get to all my favorite places no matter how girly, secluded, or random.
You have spent more adventures with me than any of my other friends combined.
You have also driven with me to all those bad adventures and don't make me feel shameful when I walk the walk of shame to you to drive the drive of shame home in the morning.
You give me flashing signs when something is wrong and you don't make me play guessing games to find out what you're trying to say.
We've been through mud, sand, snow, rain, wheat fields, and the can stick with it through it all.
You wait paiently until I get back to you and you only honk at me when I really, really, really push your buttons.
You cruise along at the right speed and when I need you to have power, you always come through.
You're great at keeping gossip to yourself and you even put up with my mother when she comes along.
You carry all my favorite bags and suitcases of things and never complain that they're too heavy.
In return all you ask is that I treat you good, occasionally keep you clean, and feed you enough to keep you from running on empty.

So, 2005 Sport Red Chevy Tahoe, I love you.

Yours truly,
Your car owner, Lauren

P.S. If you happen to come across a man with some of these qualities, will you tell him all you do for me and if he can do the same, I will love him just as much. Thanks!

P.P.S You might also tell him that he will be spending a lot of time in the passenger seat, because we both konw that we play the best when I'm a behind the wheel.


  1. I do believe if that car could talk it would say #1 - "Thank Jennifer for making you buy me" and #2 - "I don't care what you do but don't let anyone sit on my glorious leather that doesn't wear panties. Never. Ever."

  2. P.P.P.S. Ask him if he has a brother!