Thursday, June 4, 2009

thunder rolls

In the midst of having a religous/political discussion about same-sex marriage on facebook, a bright flash through the living room curtain caught my eye.


I've been waiting for one of these for the last two nights. I drove a little slower tonight on my way home so I could take in the thick blanket of clouds that was holding down the warm summer air. I love thunderstorms. I can't even remember being afraid of them as a kid like a lot of others were. I think they're awe inspiring and if Kenny Chesney sings about the rain being sexy, I think thunderstorms up the ante even more.

As ominous as they sound and eerie as they look, I wish I could sit on a big ol' screened in porch somewhere in the Plains of some great flat lands and watch one of nature's greatest light shows. I even went as far as to look for "Best US spots for thunderstorms" yesterday and didn't come up with much; I'll have to work on finding a better answer for that and add it to my travel bucket list. It's not hard to understand how ancient civilizations and tribes gave so much power and reverence to thunder and lightening. Nature is indescribable and beautifully unpredicable.

It's getting closer. Time to kill the light from the laptop and watch the rest of this.


  1. this might sound dopy, but the best lightning storms I've ever seen were in Iraq. Amazing.

  2. Not at all...althought I don't think I'll be putting that on my list of frequent travels. Lighning is lightning...I would imagien it would be great there with all the open space.