Friday, June 12, 2009

A dashful day

Gosh. I'm so tired, but there's so much I want to many things! I spent 8 hours and 450 miles on the road today from 11am to 1am. I sooo earned my road warrior girl scout badge today! A few blogs ago, I blogged about making the most of the dash. I did it for today's dash. Woke up at my friend's house up north in the trees in Susanville, while driving the 4 hours home caught up with all my friends on the drive home, unloaded the pots of plants I had worked on planting for 2 days, cleaned up my back deck, found hope and solace in my soon to be re-claimed backyard, and then jumped back in the car, picking up my sister and uncle to drive to the Santa Cruz Mountains for a concert with India Arie. As I sat, in a thin shawl and dress on a freezing summer night, in the punchbowl arena in the Saratoga hills at the Mountain Winery, I was completly impressed with her. She is the kind of artist I would want to be...when I grow up. Since I am 3 days away from my 28th birthday, I have decided that I never want to grow up. I have a good deal of depth to go into when it comes to my up and coming age, but that's for another blog and another day with far fewer miles put on this old gal.

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