Friday, June 12, 2009

This is my thought

I always do this. I always get involed in too much and I don't know when to stop. I have every minute of every day booked. I drove 8 hours and 500 miles yesterday. Working overtime today, food festival tomorrow, overtime on Sunday, birthday on Monday, picking up my houseguest from the airport on Tuesday, a single day off on Wednesday, going to the city on Thursday, going to LA on Friday, coming home on Tuesday...see how it goes. On and on.

Slow down kid. You're so busy keeping life busy, you're rushing through a lot of stuff. I can't enjoy the moment since I'm always thinking of what's next.

Like this...I need a bigger couch and I saw one today for $300. Something is seriously making my face itch. What the hell am I going to do for Father's Day!?

Stop and smell the roses, or verbenas, or gerbera daisys, snapdragons...something that I planted in the backyard today. Just breath kid.

Priority #1 - get Team Josh singned up for Relay for Life.


  1. I hear ya -- I tend to think about a kazillion things at once too. Love to see some photos of your burgeoning garden ;)

  2. Slow down, baby, you're moving too fast....
    Simon & Garfunkel lyrics (I know) but someone said them to me once, and he couldn't have been more right.
    There is something to be said for taking it all in, living it all to the fullest, but sometimes that means you're missing lots of the little things around you....