Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's random, and I'm kind of drunk in my living room on a Thursday night

I'm eathing cheeze-its and drinking white wine. Eww, why? Why? Because I can. I love my new couch which currently has 2 new pillows, 1 old friend, and 3 condoms on it. Don't ask. And no there is no hanky panky or kinky going on...just class. On life...and pickles. Put it together.

Otherwise in life, I'm in a little bit of a debate with my all to-similar-personality best friend. We disagree but unlike most friendships, it is NOT the end of the world. I appreciate people who have opinions and views on this world. I love my good ol' friend who isn't afraid to disagree with me to just not rock the boat. I supposed that's why we get along so well.

I am on my 3rd glass of white wine, so I'm either going to be slightly more honest or slightly more confused. Actuall, probably both.

Shit. Now we can call it slightly tipsy with a 3/4 full glass of wine and a wine soaked couch. Nice. I am overdue to be overdrunk. I am going to LA this weekend and I suspect that there is a pint glass or a shotglass or a wineglass with my name written all over it.

My mind is always raching a mile a minute - like this, Journey has some amazing karaoke songs. I have a plan to get tanked, tanned, teased, and turned out in a short dress in Vegas and belt out a good Journey song in front of the one constant if not many more girlfriends who are there just because girls gotta have fun. I will do it. I'm not afraid. I have dressed up as Aretha Franklin once and sang like Linda Perry.

Earlier today, I sat over spicy tuna sushi and discussed the downfalls of relationships, men, and just people in general. When did life become so complicated? Just when you think you know, you never really do. Am I commitment phobe? I don't think so, but this world full of fucking shitty reltionships has my head spinning.

Some will win, some will loose, some are born to sing the blues...

My head is fuzzy, my knee is bugging me, and I think this might hurt in the morning.


  1. Well - at least your new couch is christened.

    Have a good weekend!!