Sunday, January 4, 2009

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. ~Mark Twain

I love clothes. I hate laundry. I always have laundry to do. It's not just a lame date excuse or a reason to get my mother off the phone. I have uniforms, athletic clothes, formal wear, casual summer dresses, riding gear, tactical gear, soccer shorts, lingerie, a collection of sarongs from Oahu, and I gather that I've purchased somewhere around 17 hoodies in the just the last year alone. I love hoodies. I have a collection of fire department t-shirts from everywhere I travel. Concert t-shirts have their own drawer. Let's not talk about the Halloween costumes and collection of Disneyland charater hats. If I laid out the scarves and hats from one end to the other, I could follow it like the yellow brick road. There are sheets in rubbermaid boxes under my bed and a armior in the side room that has bridesmaids dresses in it. Then there are the shoes...I usually only wear work boots, flip flops and sneakers on a regular basis, but that doesn't stop me from collecting high heels with a passion. What the? And then there are the towels and the's a kingdom of laundry. It's on the to-do list 24/7/365. It never ends...where do I begin? I'm setting a goal. I'm going to have a day sometime in this year where there's no outstanding laundry, no overflowing baskets, no piles of socks or large mounds of towels. Me and that little Downey bear are gonna be BFFs! Tide is going to be my middle name!!! It will be Lolo = 1, laundry = 0!

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  1. HA! Okay imagine a house with two girls that love clothes. I went from a walkin closet to a normal sized hall closet in my room. My room is a clothes bomb that imploded's fantastic. Tomorrow I am purging. That is my goal to dump all the clothes I don't need, don't wear, have never worn. It will be painful, it will hurt, and it is a must. I love the post!