Monday, January 5, 2009

I think I'm a tomboy. Many of my friends would beg to differ. I'm not always a tomboy...I own a lot of FM shoes and a crate full of makeup, not to mention the hair extensions and a lot of dresses. But if you would ask me, I'd say I was a tomboy. I'd rather wear jeans and a hoodie, no makeup, glasses instead of contacts, and if I can get away with putting on a hat and avoiding having to deal with my hair, I'm a happy girl.

But then there's another side of me...the MakeupGeek. You see a true makeupgeek has some makeup powers that can overcome all the bland days and au naturale looks. Sometimes, even tom boys want to look glam. Even if it is just to do laundry for hours on end. *bat, bat, wink, wink*

This is just an excuse to put up today's picture of the day...what are we at? 4 for 5...not bad, not bad. *bat, bat, wink, wink*

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