Saturday, January 24, 2009


And then I look back at what I have to say and realize that I don't have a whole lot to say. Really. I'm not that hopeful, I don't have many, if any, answers to life's problems, it's probably not all that interesting. I haven't take a picture in almost a week. Hmm.....I think it's time for an overhaul. I still feel like I'm in limbo. Like I'm waiting for life to begin. I'm feeling unchallenged and pretty dumb lately. I haven't put my brain to work in many, many years. Not a class, a paper, and essay, a creative writing deadline, scrapbook with profound meaning. None of the above. I couldn't think of how to spell paid as in "paid attention" without checking the spelling online. Not even in a dictionary. Who reads actual books these days? That's sad...I want to get lost in a book. I want to wander down a path I've never been on before. I want to listen to someone with an intersting life story tell me one of theirs.

I need a life overhaul. I need to get some priorites straight. I need to do something that challenges me and makes me happy. I need to slough off all the labels. Those are the things I need...not the physical posessions.

I should smile more and do things that make me happy. I should set resonable goals. I should go back to church. I should say no more often. I should publish some of my pictures for the world to see. They only produce so much inspiration on the walls in my house.

Yes, I should...


  1. And I quote from todays meeting...."Keep kindness in your heart...." and your response was "acckkkk!" I rest my case. (I don't really have a case but I like to be a shit stirrer.) Also, for the record, I have some interesting "life stories" that you don't know about. We should get into more deep conversations sometimes, GOSH!