Sunday, January 11, 2009

Like a diamond in the rough.

Woke up at 10:30, decided to hit snooze for like 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes.
Woke up again at 12:30. So much for 5 minutes.
Realized that I was too late to meet Carrie in the city for crepes. I love crepes.
Ate Chinese chicken salad for breakfast instead.
Replied to a couple of texts. Casey got a drunk tattoo last night in Reno. Good for her. That's something I would do.
Watched the rest of Fred Claus.
Decided that I really do love Vince Vaughn but couldn't ever see myself kissing him.
Fell back asleep watching the outtakes from Fred Clause. Ludacris is great as an elf.
3:15 pm. Found my alarm clock AKA my cell phone under the bed, used a hanger to slide it and a hairball out.
Made a mental note that there's not enough room under the bed to hide if a rapist ever breaks in.
Peeked at the blue sky thru the opening in the curtains. California winter.
Got back in bed. Couldn't sleep cause it was too quiet.
Decided that maybe depression was taking ahold of me and figured I had better get up and do something.
Got online. Nothing new. Sent Jen a text. No reply.
3:50 remembered how much I really loved crepes. Remebered the first crepe I ever had outside of the Musee de Orsay in Paris. That was a good crepe. Nutela and banana. Damn, that was a good crepe.
I should have gone to the city. I need to take more pictures.
4:15 Decided to walk the dog.
Walked 2.68 miles to Jen's house on a whim.
Thought a LOT about work on my walk over. Not happy.
Chased the dog down after she got out of her collar while waiting for Jen to change and walk back with me.
Walked 2.68 miles back home. Back's gonna hurt tomorrow. Jen's gonna hurt tomorrow.
Saw an amazing moon rising while driving Jen back home. Didn't have the camera with me. My bad.
Washed all the dishes.
Thought what now?
Looked at the laundry mountain in the living room. I hate laundry.
Made a protein shake and went back online.
Put on a Kid Rock CD in the front room.
Reorganized half of the hallway closet.
Pulled out a box of wedding photos for a scrapbook that I haven't finished. I gotta start scrapbooking. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. No creative outlet.
Got distracted by tattoo ideas.
Looked up the symbolism of peacocks. It's pretty good all around.
Decided that I want a peacock feather in the tat somewhere, a heart with wings, a lot of swirls, a couple of big flowers, and some other stuff.
Racked my brain on how to pull that all off and make it look good.
Cleared the table and tried drawing the tattoo on a big peice of butcher paper.
Remembered that I can't draw to save my life. Gave up.
Made rosemary garlic potatos. I gotta go grocery shopping.
Decided to tackle the mountain.
Put in a Shakira CD. Forgot what a good CD it is.
Belted some tunes and practiced my booty shake dance in the living room while folding towels.
Almost decided to take the Spanish class with Casey after hearing the Spanish version of "Whenever, Wherever." Yeah...still don't have time for a class right now.
I really want to learn how to tango. Thought about my uncle and cousin doing the tango at a wedding in the summer. That was a great wedding. I got that moment captured on film. Glad I had my camera then.
I gotta start putting that family movie together.
Thought I gotta add track 6 of this CD to my running playlist.
Thought about these other things while folding laundry that was 4 feet deep: need to tan before Mexico, need a wax before Mexico, wanna do the pole dancing class in Cancun, I'm out of oatmeal, gotta shower, hate dog hair, need to make more money, I miss my blonde streak, want a body like Shakira, I gotta find a bird that I like to make the background of my tattoo. Damn, I have a lot of clothes.
Thought seriously about entering the MySpace Karaoke contest.
Laughed at the leaning tower of hoodies. Ridiculous.
Decided that if I was ever held captive by a Shakira loving third world country and had to Karaoke a Shakira song to save my life I could totally do it. Practiced for that.
Really, really decided that dog hair is on my top 10 thing of things I hate.
Wondered why do I buy things that don't fit me?

Thinking, folding, dancing, singing.
Then...I saw it.
The bird I was trying to envision was on the back of a shirt that I got a few years ago.
The shirt was at the bottom of the 4 feet, inside out, scrunced into a ball.
There it was.
The shape of the bird that I could see in my head but couldn't draw out on paper.
It was like a diamond in the rough.
Well, actually it was a bird in a pile.
A beautiful outline of a bird figure that will someday be transferred intoa beautiful outline of a rather large back piece.
I decided that I'm really itching for some new ink.

It's been a good lazy day minus the 5.36 miles.
There's some potatos and a family slide show calling my name.
I still get confused about how to spell potato. E? No E? Damn you Dan Quayle!

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