Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hallmark has nothing on me.

This is "The Scrapbook Room" - looks a little like the doorway to madness, huh? It's in a current state of disarray since it has become the spare bedroom, overflow wardrobe, library, makeup room, and general catch all.

Most people would go crazy with all the stimuli but I find peace in that room. While I was creating a new masterpiece, I realized that I was a scene in myself. Only a real artist could find solace and inspiration while dancing around barefoot in a hooded bathrobe, one earphone plugged into an ipod letting the tunes of Keith Urban, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Etta James, and Fergie fuel her inspiration.

I could just as easily go to Hallmark and pick out a singing card but this morning after work, I made something better. Something with my mark and a little piece of my spirit.

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