Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's up?

Music makes me happy.


I have more to write about my love of music but it's the end of my 12 hour shift, 3:42am, and I'm listening to P!nk Live at Wambly Stadium. I have sung every song only slightly interrupted for a fire, a brandishing, and some drunk folk wandering around. I pause to think about this scene and realize that I have a great job. I need to stop complaining. I need to remember what I heard in briefing the other day. "Do your best work and be proud of it."

I had my early morning Cheerios, tomorrow is my Friday, its dress down day and Chadburger day, and more importantly it's the last workday before I go to Cancun. Sunday is superbowl Sunday, Monday is anything and nothing day, Tuesday I go see a lady about a bush, Wednesday I jam to cram all the stuff in the suitcase before I leave on a jet plane, and Thursday...well Thursday is the beginning of a long week with good friends and good times. Wake up in Cali, go to sleep in Mexico.

And I said Hey Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...Hey, Yeah, Yeah. I said Hey, What's going on?

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